Where to buy medical Cannabis online

Where to buy medical Cannabis online

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Marijuana Laws

While some are finding it difficult to buy medical cannabis due to regulations in their States, others are being encouraged to start selling and even given a deadline to open their shops.

In Maryland the Medical Cannabis Commission issued a bulletin alerting companies of the deadline to finalize their licenses and open their shops. Failure to do this by Sept. 30 then state regulators will revoke their preliminary approvals to operate.

The bulletin issued Thursday also advises the companies to complete their final inspections by Aug. 15. It says that gives them enough time to complete the steps required to sell medicinal marijuana to consumers from retail stores.

Medical cannabis has been made available only for a few health uses and many are discussing the possibility of making adjustments and expanding the law.

The main problem is lawmakers are concerned that legislators don’t have the medical expertise to be making decisions about its use. Others question its efficacy. There has been very little research done about the efficacy of medical cannabis and hence causes a lot of controversy.

Why is it still very difficult to buy cannabis online ?

Commercial cannabis sale has been made legal in most parts of the country but there are certain laws that hinders its availability to all. Firstly not everyone has a medical marijuana card and that is because at the moment it has only been approved to treat 2 conditions.

Secondly there are very strong interstate laws which makes it very difficult to deliver medical marijuana across state boundaries. Only those with a valid license can do that but sadly most of them do not do home deliveries or deliver out of their States

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