Cannabis oil for sale

Cannabis oil for sale

Cannabis oil for sale from the number one wholesale suppliers worldwide.

If you are looking for wholesale suppliers of Cannabis oil then Stunner Pro is the name you can trust. We have been in the cannabis oil business for over 4 years and so have a lot of experience which is why we always provide the best quality products

Cannabis oil for sale

We built a blueprint to be the largest vertically integrated company in Cannabis that means we have the largest indoor grow in California with a hundred square-foot grow. But it also meant being able to architect what we think is the largest facility for oil production in the USA.

Our purpose is finding the best solution that fits for our clients so, if you are someone that just wants vital oil we’ll communicate with you through that screen. If you’re somebody that just wants to build a brand and have very clear direction on what kind of product you want delivered, our team can work with you and guide you through that process.

One of the great value propositions of our extraction system is being able to extract such a large amount of cannabis or biomass at onetime and also our extraction efficiency. So we are able to extract 99% of the cannabinoids from our plant material.

Extraction is the mixture of non-toxic, non-flammable gases and also in addition using low pressure and low temperature environment which allows a lot of the native compounds in the cannabis plant to not be affected by the extraction process. As we are running it through the flash chromatography system, we do not introduce heat to it like other distillation systems.

So far with flagship product Sunlight you have a lot of native profile for it.

Our Cannabis oil is beautiful. It is a golden looking oil that light passes through. It is a very high Cannabinoid with 82-93% THC and that helps a lot when you are looking for a potent vape pen or potent tincture. Starting with the material that is so concentrated has a lot of applications that you can put anywhere. Contact us and buy high quality Cannabis for sale.

We do pesticide analysis prior to extractions, after extractions and also after refinement. Everything is triple tested in-house and also sent to a third party lab for testing, confirmation and state certification.

Wholesale Supplier of CBD oil

Stunner Po is a wholesale supplier of cannabis oil and you can use us as just a supplier of base oil or for complete tranquil manufacture of your products. We will produce consistent products, be transparent about what’s in the product and make it very easy to work together.

Whether you want 1 kilo of base oil or 500kilos of contract vape pens, we will transport and deliver that to you.

If you are looking for a stable compliant wholesale supplier of Cannabis oil, we’ll love for you to consider Stunner Pro.

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